Below please find the slides and resources referenced in my 2011 Reform Symposium session, Teachers as Learners.

Experiential Learning & Adult Learning
Kolb Cycle
Adult Learning Principles
Guskey model of teacher development
The Science of Teacher Development

Fed-Ex Days
FedEx Prep: Time for Innovation shared by @mrwejr
FedEx Prep: A Reflection shared by @mrwejr
Innovation Day shared by @stumpteacher
Inspiration Delivers
Google's 20% Factor
Google's Culture of 20% Time

Resources from my PLN
Learning Want I Want to be Learning shared by @web20classroom
Framework for Embedded Professional Development shared by @nmhs_principal
A Professional Development Day that Worked shared by @bhsprincipal
Building on Strengths: Our Professional Development Program shared by @gcouros
My big "duh" - thoughts on PD shared by @joycevalenza
16 Signs Teachers have Professional Autonomyshared by @davidwees

All Things PLC
@plugusin shares many resources re: PLCs
Learning Communities
Recommended PLC Resources

Lesson Study
Lesson Study Research Group
Chicago Lesson Study Group
Lesson Study
Lesson Study Project

Reflective journals/blogging
Why Teachers Should Blog shared by @teachpaperless
How to Make Better Teachers shared by @shareski
7 Reasons Teachers Should Blog shared by @timbuckteeth
Every Teacher Should Have a Blog and Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs shared by @rmbyrne
Why Should Teachers Blog? shared by @chrislehmann

Action Research
Action Research: A Self-Directed Approach to PD from ASCD
PLP Action Research and Featured Projects

Cited Quotes/Inspirational Reads
If you want to be a great teacher, don't go to PD -Peter Kent via Lisa Nielsen
Embracing Constraints shared by Seth Godin
I Don't Want More Professional Development shared by @teachpaperless
Supporting Gen Y Teachers

Resources used with and created our teachers
Elementary Technology Cohort
Teachers as leaders/example in-service schedule
Elanco PLP action research project