It's Elementary - #ntcamp resources to share

Here are some things we're trying at our school... happy to help you become familiar with or answer questions about any of these resources!


How we are using it: Response to reading, summarization of learning, communication
Why: Writing for an authentic audience! Able to interact with others via comments!

More blogging info here:


How and why we are using it: Students narrating and sharing their stories, commenting on others' work, allowing for reflection and evaluation of work; authentic audiences!


Other Voicethreads:

Little BirdTales
How and why: To bring students' stories to life; practice fluency and have students listening to their own and others' reading

How and why: Students animate a portion of a drawing/image and narrate; add students' narration to project work

Other digital storytelling resources we've used:


How and why: Students create "graphic posters" to demonstrate their learning
Examples here:

Connecting and Communicating

Google Docs
  • Teachers sharing lesson plans, resources
  • Upload already-created documents in other file formats to share
  • Formative assessment options with Google forms
  • Facilitates collaborative work for students and teachers
  • Something to consider:

  • Grade level or content area groups created to share bookmarks of interest
  • Can share lists with students for researching

Skype for download
  • Connect classes for Q/A sessions, share content
  • Virtual pen-pals
  • Expert voices and author "visits"
  • Collaborative student work
  • Communication with parents

  • Contributors can add documents, links, etc. to the shared space to keep everyone informed
  • Eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings and emails

School Blogs/Websites

Resources shared by our Twitter friends:

Slideboom from @njtechteacher

Mrs. P's Magic Library from @franze98
Spelling City from @mrbadura