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Sharing & Connected Learning



Communication & Collaboration

Authoring & Creating

Resource Collections

Google Apps for School Leaders

Sharing/Connected Learning

My must-use tools:
Google docs
Google Reader -

My journey to "connectedness" post

Tech for learning resources page on our school blog

Connected Principals
Sharing: The Moral Imperative
The "How do you find the time?" Question
Social learning isn't what you think it is - Jane Hart
Turn on the share button - an easy way to get started!
What shapes your learning?
6 Steps to Sharing
Things you can do to begin developing your PLN
What is a PLN, anyway?
A Primer on Personal Learning Networks
Educator's PLN - a great Ning community to join to connect with others
Comparing 20th and 21st Century Educational Paradigms
Tools to become a tech-savvy educator
Will Richardson discusses value of PLN:


An easy way to quickly find other educators willing to share resources and ideas.
Short, 140-character snippets of info with embedded links
Track streams of information using hashtags

Get started:
1. Create a Twitter account. Visit here:
2. Download Tweetdeck - this is a stand-alone application that is a must for Twitter users! Helps organize your streams and makes tweeting a breeze!

Watch the tutorial below if you need assistance!

A great hashtag to start following on Twitter is #cpchat - many posts about administrative topics!
Other hashtags: #edchat #elemchat #edadmin #leadershipchat

Ready to learn more about Twitter? Some recent posts that provide information about hashtags, learning how to gauge the relevance of a follower or person worth following...
5 Twitter Resources for School Administrators
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
Twitter for Singletons
Join the Flock!
The Power of Twitter
Twitter for Education wiki
Twitter for Teachers
Find people to follow! Twitter for Teachers!
Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers
Educators, Do You Tweet?

Twitter in Plain English:

Twitter 102:

Social Learning Resources from Jane Hart
Social Learning Doesn't Mean What You Think it Does!


Social Bookmarking
-21st Century Principal Experiments with Diigo
-Diigo in Education


Organizing the blogs you read:
Google Reader
-Bundles to add: Read these blogs - a compilation of my favorite reads
Educational Leadership and Educational Blogs via George Couros

Lists of go-to blogs (and see Google Reader bundles above)
Top 100 School Administrator Blogs

Communication and Collaboration

-Wikispaces and PBWorks

Google Docs
Google for educators
Google workshops for educators (includes admin-specific resources)
More Google for educators resources
Google docs: why teachers and students should be using them for coursework


Facebook - communicate with your staff and community
-Examples of school Facebook pages: Forest Green School & Burlington High School
Edmodo - collaboration & communication tool for teachers/students/schools - similar to Facebook design

Dropbox - share files for free

Authoring and Creating

Blogging platforms
Posterous - post via email! via web!
Blogger (connect through your Google account)

Why should educators blog?
Every principal needs a blog!
Why should school administrators blog?
Principal Blogging Project (see page 2 for the rationale)
An open letter to superintendents and principals: You should blog.
Social media allows quick updates to parents, students
Every principal needs a blog
Superintendents finding the "urge to write"

Publishers, participants all
How to make better teachers (give them a blog)
Creating a Wordpress portfolio

Presentation tools
Google Docs- slideshows

YouTube - You Tube's Official Guide for Educators

Resource Collections/Works Referenced
Connected Principals
Jane Hart - Learning in the social workplace blog
Powerful Learning Practice (Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Will Richardson)
Dean SHARESki, Alec Couros, Chris Lehmann, George Siemens
Scott McLeod- CASTLE
Will Richardon & Rob Mancabelli Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education Solution Tree, 2011.
Marc Prensky Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning Corwin, 2010.
William Ferriter, Jason Ramsden, & Eric Sheninger Communicating and Connecting with Social Media Solution Tree, 2011.
Cathy Davidson - Now You See It
Daniel Pink - Drive
Clay Shirky - Here Comes Everybody, Cognitive Surplus

Cybraryman's Resources for Administrators- so many resources here!
A fantastic compilation of more links about the above resources!
Free Technology for Teachers
Tools used by our students
Administrators Can Be Paperless Too: 7 Tools to Make It Happen
__Social Media 101 for Administrators__ from Patrick Larkin

Google Apps for School Leaders

Google Apps for Education - official website
For Educators
Crowd-sourced collection of uses from educators currently using Apps in their schools


Videos - How to use Google Docs - a series of tutorials
Google Docs tour
Google for educators
Google workshops for educators (includes admin-specific resources)
More Google for educators resources
Google docs: why teachers and students should be using them for coursework
Google Docs resource from Wes Fryer - many excellent resources shared here!
Using Google Docs in PLCs
What's new in Google docs? Linked 2/2012
Apps User Group - support for schools from Eric Curts, North Canton City School
GoDocs for Google Docs on the iPad
iPad apps for administrators

Working with Google Apps on the iPad from Ryan Bretag

What is Google Drive?
An Updated 63-page guide for Google Drive and Docs from Richard Byrne

So many uses, so little time :)
Video- an introduction to forms
Surveys- staff, students, parents, community members
Teacher walkthrough forms Example of use from Chris Lehmann

71 Interesting ways to use Google Forms in the classroom - many applicable for leadership

Sites & Blogger
Personal blog, school blogs, sites for teachers and kiddos

Maintain a personal and/or professional calendar- share with others to have multiple contributors; sync with Outlook/iCal
Calendar features for administrators
Booking appointments with Calendar

Used to organize through RSS the blogs you read
Google Reader
-Bundles to add: Read these blogs - a compilation of my favorite reads
Educational Leadership and Educational Blogs via George Couros

Google Voice in education/for teachers/admin
What is Google Voice?

Google Cloud Connect download
Google across the curriculum via Richard Byrne