Digital Storytelling Resources

Educators whose work with digital storytelling has inspired me!

Bernajean Porter
Peer review process

Scoring guides and peer review process

Silvia Tolisano

Silvia's Digital Storytelling blog posts

Jon Orech

Jon's wiki
"Digital Storytelling, Not Digital Spectacle"

Jason Ohler
Part 1- Storytelling, literacy, learning
Part 2 - The art of storytelling
Part 3- Technology, techniques, resources
Part 4 - Assessment
Part 5- Copyright, fair use

Storyboard templates
Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity

Tracy Watanabe

Digital Storytelling and Stories
Digital storytelling storyboards and prompts

Kathy Schrock

Digital Storytelling

Alan Levine
His wiki has a wealth of digital storytelling/storytelling resources for educators
50+ ways to tell a story

Additional Resources:
My Digital Storytelling bookmarks on Diigo and lesson plans
Little Bird Tales graphic organizer for planning
Digital storytelling lesson plan from ePals (elementary)
Five tools that help students plan stories
John Lambert's 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling
National Storytelling Network
Center for Digital Storytelling
5 digital storytelling iPad apps for elementary students
Digital storytelling with the iPad
Digital storytelling with comics (webinar archive) from Richard Byrne
Best digital storytelling examples and resources
Digital storytelling web 2.0 tools for lower elementary grades
Digital storytelling resources
Top 10 digital storytelling apps for elementary students

Creative collaborative storytelling with Storybird
Read more about Storybird’s features here.
The One Where I Storybird on iPads!
Storybird: the ultimate online storytelling tool
Storybird blog with many resources for users!

Little Bird Tales
Little Bird Tales is the perfect way to introduce even the youngest students to the power of digital storytelling. With a very simple design, students can easily create or upload illustrations, compose text, and record voice narrations to bring their stories to life! Here are examples of tales in their public gallery. Here is a quick “how to” guide for creating a tale. Give it a try! Here is another Getting Started pdf tutorial.
Check out these Elanco grade 2 examples!
How to use Little Bird Tales for digital storytelling in elementary school
EdShelf review of Little Bird Tales

Six Word Stories
What's a six word story?
The origin of the six word story traces back to Ernest Hemingway, where he is attributed with the first after being challenged to write a story using only six words. His story:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”
Six Word Stories, also called Six Word Memoirs, provide a creative way to succinctly share ideas and thoughts. They require the author to drill down to the most essential language and elements in order to make the story come to life. Read here for more information about the story's history.

Ben Grey created a wiki with resources about the 6 word story, which he calls "A quick, enjoyable writing exercise that's good for students and adults alike."
#ISTE13 Six Word Story Project
Illustrated six word memoirs by students from grade school to grad school
Follow @sixwordstories and read the tweets in the #6words stream on Twitter for more examples.

My Wish for You - a digital story shared with my school at our opening year assembly

Digital Storytelling July 21 Webinar Slides for Simple K-12