Getting Your School Started with Blogging

Resources to share - click here: Google doc

1) What is a blog? Why blog? Who should blog?

  • Blog definition
  • Why blog?
    • Develop communication skills
    • Great platform for reflection
    • Communication tool - two-way communication encouraged
    • Writing shared with an authentic audience- students want to put their best work out there
    • Digital citizenship and digital footprint building -they are in control
    • Collaborative opportunities and Global connections
  • Who should blog?
    • Students!
    • Teachers!
    • Administrators!
    • Parents!
  • Types of blogs
    • Classroom blogs
    • School blogs
    • Student blogs

2) Platforms to use

  • Kidblog - free accounts for classrooms and kids; easy to use; many protective features in place; embedding options
  • Edublogs - free accounts for teachers and students; easy to get started with use; excellent customer support; designed for education use only, so no exposure to other blogs with adult content - see comparisons here
  • Wordpress - highly customizable and feature-rich; a learning curve to get started
  • Blogger - integrated with Google Apps; easy to use, many templates available; some districts block this platform due to possible exposure to other non-educational blogs

3) Setting the stage/getting started

4) Administration - Points to Consider

  • Accounts and passwords - who will create and manage accounts? What levels of access and permissions will teachers and students have?
  • Student blogging guidelines/district policies - ours developed from this list and other examples here
  • Sharing permissions - will readers need to sign in to read posts? Comment?
  • Approval processes for posts and comments - do posts go through the teacher for approval before going “live?” Comments? Will students moderate? Teachers? Both?
  • Tip: Set up and use a Google Reader/other RSS reader feed to keep track of the feeds coming in so you can devote some time to commenting and sharing student work!

5) Blog Uses/Examples

6) Additional Resources

General Guides/Getting Started

Rationale/benefits of blogging

Sample Blogging Guidelines


Connecting with other classrooms

For teachers/admin